Quill is a platform for the study of negotiated texts. We focus especially on the creation of constitutions, treaties, and legislation. It is a project based at Pembroke College, Oxford.

JazzCats (Jazz Collection of Aggregated Triples)

JazzCats is a resource for studying jazz artists, performances, and networks. The project harnesses semantic web technologies to connect data about jazz, including discographies, solo transcriptions, and information about artists.

Photograph from The William P. Gottlieb Collection at the Library of Congress

Study on Scatter Plots and Parallel Coordinates Plots

A multi-task comparative study on scatter plots and parallel coordinates plots.

Poem Viewer

A web-based tool for visualizing poems in support of close reading. It is part of an on-going research project and is a work in progress.

ViTA (Visualization for Text Alignment)

A web-based tool for exploring and identifying shared passages between two sample texts.. It is part of an on-going research project.